Architecture & Master Planning

Our design is aesthetically simple, energy-efficient, high-performance and on anglobal scale with a wide range of typology and scale, from low, mid-rise andhigh rise hospitality, residential, commercial to mixed-use projects. We use aintegrated and holistic design approach that explores relationships with thenatural and built environment. This approach, which takes into considerationbuilding orientation, day lighting, solar absorption and a site's geological& geographical attributes, thus representing a fundamental change in theway design is conceived, in which form facilitates function & eventuallythe performance of the built form.
With extensive experience of our founder / design director in multiple disciplines,including architecture, interior design, Master planning. HAO also have expertise in a range of building types, including Tall Towers, large-scaleMixed-Use Complexes, Corporate Offices, Civic and Public Spaces, Hotels,Resorts and Residential & Commercial complexes and Institutional projects.


HAOArchitects interiors embrace a modern sense of space, designing flexible,adaptable interiors that can be shared among its users. We believe in workingclosely with architecture and engineering teams to promote contemporary ideas,we believe in maximizing the amount of natural light in our projects, whichaffects the quality of the space, the quality of life for its users and apassive, low-cost technology.

Specialized Services

HAOArchitects also provides specialized services of Landscape, Electro-MechanicalServices, Façade Lighting, Vertical Transportation, Fire & Life safety , Acoustics, Audio Visual, as part of our Extended Design Services in collaboration with our Associate DesignPartners.